Escape Empire offers pre-written, thrilling escape scenarios at unbeatable prices.

All scenarios 100% original. Devised by personnel with hands-on experience in the Escape Room business.

Escape Empire is all about providing the best quality escape room scenarios, with puzzles that thrill and challenge your guests. We will work with you to make sure your scenario purchase meets your needs. We offer a variety of scenarios of different difficulty levels, with competitive prices, and will never provide the same scenario to a competitor in your area.

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Sample Scenarios

The Vigilante's maze

The notorious Doctor Plague, a criminal terrorizing the citizens of Empire City, has captured his vigilante nemesis in a torturous maze. It is up to you to enter the maze and liberate the masked vigilante so that he can defeat Doctor Plague and save the city, once and for all.

Wild West mystery

Your merry band of highway bandits has been making a healthy profit pillaging the frontier towns of the wild west. Now comes your greatest challenge yet: enter the roaring Temptress saloon and break into its safe, where the owner, a local diamond magnate, is rumored to keep a jewel of unimaginable value.

FBI's most wanted

The FBI Director is at his wits' end. The infamous Bobby Halliday, #1 on the Most Wanted List, has broken into an FBI safe house and is holding the family hidden there for ransom. As the top agents, it will be your job to enter the house and find the hidden key to the safe room where the family is being held.