Product Overview

Every scenario purchase includes the following delivered to you electronically:

  • Scenario write-up for your website
  • Walk-through of all puzzles
  • Floor plans
  • Training document for your staff
  • Parts list
  • Hints list
  • Game Development consultation services

Single Room Scenarios

Ideal for 2-6 players

The vigilante's maze

The notorious Doctor Plague, a criminal terrorizing the citizens of Empire City, has captured his heroic vigilante nemesis in a torturous maze. It is up to you to enter the maze and liberate the masked vigilante so that he can defeat Doctor Plague and save the city, once and for all.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: $500 CAD


Having escaped from the Sultan's dungeon with the map to the cave of wonders, you have now found your way into the cavern and pillaged your fill of its fabulous treasures. But there is more to this cave than meets the eye. Can you escape its clutches before a genie's curse traps you forever?

Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: $500 CAD

WILD west heist

Your merry band of highway bandits has been making a healthy profit pillaging the frontier towns of the wild west. Now comes your greatest challenge yet: enter the roaring Temptress saloon and break into its safe, where the owner, a local diamond magnate, is rumored to keep a jewel of unimaginable value.

Difficulty: Advanced
Cost: $500 CAD


Multi-Room Scenarios

Ideal for 4-8 players


For years the Eden Corporation has been operating in the shadows and performing human tests. As its best and brightest researchers, you have been tasked with developing a race of genetically enhanced super soldiers. But you have grown disenchanted with Eden's goals. Under cover of night, you break into its laboratory to steal the prized human enhancement serum. Can you find it and break back out before the alarm is tripped and you become Eden's next test subjects?

Difficulty: Advanced
Cost: $750 CAD

Little Candy Shop of HorrorS

The owner of your local candy shop, Mr. Valentine, has always been eccentric. But you had no idea just how far his madness went until today, when you entered his store to find yourself prisoner to his deadly game. Will you be able to outwit Valentine's sickly sweet riddles and escape his clutches before time runs out and he claims you as his victims?

Difficulty: Expert
Cost: $750 CAD


Your friend Charlie is a strange fellow- not to mention vague about his top secret job working in a government lab. Tonight, you and your friends have gathered for his bachelor party. After a few too many drinks, Charlie decides to finally let you in on the work he's been doing in his lab all these years. And so begins a hilariously twisted journey through time that you may never forget... or survive!

Difficulty: Expert


Mini Game Package

Ideal for 2-5 players; contains approximately 5 puzzles in portable format. Perfect for promoting your business at trade fairs or on-site corporate events.


                       Anna's Game

               Frozen Fairy Tale

Custom Scenario Package

Our custom scenario package includes the following additional features:

  • Electronic consultation services as needed
  • Demo followed by optional re-write
  • 2 week turnaround on development (additional time required if re-write selected)
  • Option for up to 4 rooms and up to 12 puzzles (larger scenarios available upon consultation)

Perfect if you already have a scenario in mind, but are unsure where to begin. You tell us your desired setting, scenario, and focus, and we do the work!

Cost: $950 CAD