Owner Reviews

"Clever and engaging puzzles that will leave guests coming back for more!"

-Ryan Abulmona, Owner Escape From LA

"Thank you so much for all your help!"

-Carlene Northon, Owner Central Escapes MI

"[Our custom design] went really well! People loved it."

-Scott Rennie, Owner Grey Bruce Escape Room Adventures

"The event is a big hit in our community. Last Saturday we had 18 groups go through. It is turning into a fun and successful fundraising event. Thanks for your guidance!"

Dr. Lisa Alvetro, Fundraising Coordinator

Customer Reviews

"This was my second escape room and I went for my birthday weekend. My group did the Arabian Nights room. We solved it and had so much fun..."

" My son had his 9th birthday here today and him and his friends LOVED it! They did the Arabian nights room and escaped with 3 minutes left... I can't wait to come back and do a night out with friends!!!"

Players who tried Open Sesame at Escape Time, MD


"5 friends and I did the heroes room. Great time was had by all and everyone agreed they'd do it again!"

Players who tried The Vigilante's Maze at Clue, Newbury