Escape Empire offers immersive, thrilling escape scenarios at unbeatable prices.

All scenarios are devised by personnel with hands-on experience in the Escape Room business.

Escape Empire is all about providing the best quality escape room scenarios, with puzzles that thrill and challenge your guests. We will work with you to make sure your scenario purchase meets your needs. We offer a variety of scenarios of different difficulty levels, with competitive prices, and will not provide the same scenario to a competitor in your area.

Sample Scenarios

The Vigilante's maze

The notorious Doctor Plague, a criminal terrorizing the citizens of Empire City, has captured his vigilante nemesis in a torturous maze. It is up to you to enter the maze and liberate the masked vigilante so that he can defeat Doctor Plague and save the city, once and for all.


Having escaped from the Sultan's dungeon with the map to the cave of wonders, you have now found your way into the cavern and pillaged your fill of its fabulous treasures. But there is more to this cave than meets the eye. Can you escape its clutches before a genie's curse traps you forever?

LIttle candy shop of horrors

Mr. Valentine, local candy shop owner, is an eccentric. But you had no idea just how far his madness went until today, when you entered his store to find yourself prisoner to his deadly game. Will you be able to outwit Valentine's riddles and escape his clutches before time runs out?